~*Kuroshitsuji Yaoi*~

Aqui un cuestionario (en ingles u.u) que te dice que personaje eres, por mi parte (y con ayuda del traductor xD) me salio nada mas y nada menos que....

Ciel~ (jojojoj~ *o*)

he belongs in the phantomhive family, Until the age of 10, he lived a normal life, with his father, his mother, and the family dog. However, on his tenth birthday, the mansion caught on fire; his parents were killed, and he went missing for a month, only to return with his smile dimmed and his new butler, Sebastian Michaelis and a demonic contract in his right eye binding Sebastian to obey his commands. he keep distance from other people abd underneath his cleverness and being bratty he is also a caring child (me: awww I totally love this character).

aqui el link: :¿Que personaje de Kuroshitsuji eres?)

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  1. Loveless Ciel // 22 de mayo de 2009, 17:00  

    un test *0*
    definitivamente adoro tu blog

  2. Near-Chan // 23 de mayo de 2009, 9:54  

    Eres la primer persona que veo que usa
    mi tema de kuroshitsuji *o*
    Ah mi me salio sebastian ^^

  3. Anónimo // 25 de mayo de 2009, 19:11  

    wow hare ese test xD
    bueno mas que nada me pasaba para habisarte que te he dejado algunos prmios en mi blog
    para que te pases a por ellos xD

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